Are YOU RECording? (video)

By horrorshock666

A video to explain a collaboration I thought could work, which you can find here:

Sorry for the mumbling and low quality, I have never recorded anything video-ey with me in it before. I was a little bit nervous (and actually cut out lots of 'Mmm' and 'Err's). I also go out of sync... but I'll pretend that was a stylistic choice ;)

I also sound really cheesy... my only excuse is I did this in the morning, in a bit of a rush. haha.

You might need to turn your speakers up (or off completally, haha) if you want to hear it, I only have the terrible microphone that's on the laptop.

Not sure if this will work, or even if it's been done before, so if it has, apologies once again :) and thanks once more!

Are YOU RECording? (video)

Created: Mar 05, 2010


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