The War

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There is a war.
deep within in my soul.
its a fight between good and evil, yet it feels so much different.
From the deep abbyss upto the highest point in the universe, the two generals of both sides fight day and night.
for the past few months the owners of the light have been victorious but on this summer night, i was dealt a serious blow to my faith.
it felt like i couldnt go on and i was about to tap out.
but you took my hand and lifted me to the sidelines as you took over.
you took every shot he threw, you accepted it all.
you sweated blood and tears as you stared directly back into my eyes.
you gave me a smirk as you nodded your head as if to tell me that everything was going to be ok.
blow after blow. cheap shot after cheap shot.
it looked as if you were down for the count.
1 nothing
2 still nothing
but on 3 you arose and with one swift shot
you took him out 1,2,3.
only you remain.

Created: Mar 05, 2010


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