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I figured I'd go back through some of my stuff which I have done in the past and try and upload them (rather than have them sitting around on my computer in a dead state). This is a short script I wrote a while back called 'Speechless'. It was meant to almost be a silent film, but a drama... little dialogue, all images. I have never made it and probably never will, but figured I could release it as a RECord.

I'm sorry my scripts tend to be a little long in descriptions and not typically how they really are, It's a craft I need to learn much more if I want to make anything of it. They seem to read almost more like a short story, but in a script layout... so... yeah. I'm learning though :)

A script by John Housley

INT. HOSPITAL - morning

BRENNAN lies under the covers on a hospital bed, eyes closed, scarred. He is ten years old but is very small and thin for his age, he looks so much younger. His skin is pale, he looks deathly. He slowly opens his eyes, wincing in the light. Confusion, fear and sadness is written across his face.


INT. KITCHEN - afternoon

Brennan stares into space as he sits at a table in a homely looking kitchen. GLEN and JESSICA, his parents, sit opposite him, looking very serious and nervous but clearly trying to make an effort not to. They look pretty typical of parents in their thirties. Jessica looks to Glen, who looks to Jessica who then both look to Brennan.



We have something to tell you...

Brennan almost goes into a daydream, where he can see everything but the sound is faint and can barely be heard. He looks emotionless, stunned almost. He stares. Jessica cries as she seems to be explaining something to him, Glen just stares at the table. After a small while the sound seems to return and all that can be heard is...


We're getting divorced.


Brennan lies in bed in his bright red pajamas staring at the ceiling above him. The bedroom looks dirty. Everything is almost in monotone and the strongest color comes from Brennan's pyjamas. There are no toys, the walls look faded and it doesn't look much like a childs bedroom.

After a while, Brennan closes his eyes and slowly pulls himself to the edge of the bed. He sits, rubs his eyes, then goes over to the curtains and pulls them wide, letting the sun shine in from outside, the dust in the room is illuminated. He stares out the window as the rain falls.


Jessica is sat at the kitchen table, her head laid on its top when Brennan enters in his school uniform. On the table beside her is an empty bottle of red wine. The kitchen is dark because the curtains are closed and they are full of small holes which let bright rays of the morning sunshine beam around the room through the dusty atmosphere. The whole place is untidy. Complete opposite to how they were before.

Brennan looks at his mother and walks over to her. He moves some of her hair to see her face, she is now tired looking and almost older. He strokes her head slightly, makes a sandwich and picks up his school bag then leaves.


Brennan enters the kitchen and puts his coat and his bag on the floor. He notices his mother is gone from where she was this morning and begins to tidy the room.After a small while he looks out the window and see's a small rope swing in the back garden. He puts on his coat and goes out.


Brennan is swinging on the rope swing in an overgrown garden. The rain begind to fall gently. As he swings he faces the sky and the drops fall upon his young features. He closes his eyes. Deep in thought, almost a daydream. When he opens them he turns to see his father, Glen, behind him, who signals to go and walks up the garden path into the house.

Glen looks much worse than before. He clearly has had a difficult time lately and it shows in his appearance. Brennan dismounts from the rope swing and walks slowly up the path.


When he reaches the kitchen he see's his mother stood at window, almost crying. She drinks a glass of wine down almost in one before seeing him and composing herself. She goes over to Brennan, looking like she is trying to be normal again and kisses him on the forehead. She holds his shoulders and looks deep into his eyes, smiles and then indicates he has to leave. He picks up his schoolbag and goes towards the door to leave, then looks back to see her crying before leaving.


Brennan sits in the passenger seat of the car. Staring out the window, much as before. He watches as the rain drops chase each other on the window pane, the rest of the world outside in a moving blur. His father see's him and rustles his hair in a loving way, but Brennan winces with the touch. As they pull up at traffic lights, Brennan watches as a family cross the road. Mother, father, daughter; all looking perfect and loving. He just watches, a glassy look in his eyes.

INT. FATHERS HOUSE - afternoon

They both enter the house, which looks almost empty. There are boxes in the hallway, all of which have dust on them, all marked up with various descriptions like 'Books' and 'Kitchen stuff'. They have clearly been there a while. Glen looks at Brennan, who looks around. Glen looks dissapointed in himself and almost can't bring himself to think too much. Brennan takes his school bag off and opens it, bringing out a small letter which he gives to his dad. The letter reads:


Pay on the door.

Glen looks at it and smiles, almost laughing. He rustles Brennans hair and leaves the hallway. Brennan walks upstairs.


Brennan is in the almost empty bedroom. The place looks bare and looks more like a spare room. Just a single bed, a bedside cabinet and piles of boxes. He is reading on the bed when he hears his father downstairs talking on the phone. He hears his mums name and can pick up a few words, its obviously in regards to the school concert. He listens but hears the conversation end. He puts his book down, turns out the lights and lies down to sleep.

INT. KITCHEN (fathers house) - morning

Brennan sits at the kitchen table in his school uniform. He eats his cereal in silence. A car can be heard pulling up outside, followed shortly by someone entering the house. A conversation can be softly heard taking place in the background between what Glen and Jessica. Soon after, Jessica stands at the kitchen door and smiles, signaling its time to leave.

Brennan puts down his spoon in the half full bowl of cereal and leaves with his mother after putting on his coat and hat. Glen stands at the door watching then leave.


Jessica and Brennan are in the car. He looks as his mother as if asking if they will both be going to the play. She looks at him and smiles, nods her head and then drives. As they drive, he stares out the window. He sees a small bird in the sky flying in the distance and watches as it swoops and dives.


The car pulls up at the school gates and Brennan gets out. His mum waves him off as he walks through and he meets up with some friends. As he looks back, he sees his mum pulling out and smiles before walking through the school doors.


Brennan and Jessica walk into the kitchen. He puts down his school bag and coat and looks around. The place looks cleaner, lighter, almost as good as it used to. She points to a door and on it is a brand new school shirt and tie, perfectly clean and ironed. He smile and picks it up and then almost runs out the room to get changed.


Brennan is getting changed into his new school uniform. Its obviously night as through the window there is a dark sky. He looks at himself in a dusty mirror and stands up straight, making his tie perfect. A small knock on the door and Jessica enters. Its clear she has made an effort, she almost looks normal again. She is in a lovely dress, her hair is perfect and she has make up on. She looks at him up and down and smiles proudly. A car horn can be heard outside. She gives him a kiss and a hug and they leave the room.


No one speaks as they are all in the car but they both turn on occasion and smile at Brennan. He looks at his mother and father in the front, not talking but together. It looks strange to him, but he still feels happy they are together again. His dad drives, his mum looks out the window and he watches.


They pull up and get out the car. There are lots of parents with children all walking into the school. Brennan see's a friend and waves, looking to his mum and dad to see if he can go they both smile and kiss and hug him, wishing him luck. They stand alone, look at each other when he is gone. They look almost confused and as if they have no idea what to do, but Glen begins to walk to the door and Jessica follows. They don't look like they don't want to be there though, its almost as if they enjoy being together again but have no idea how to react in this situation.


All the parents are walking out the school and congratulating their kids. The kids all look happy. Brennan walks out and see's him mum and dad talking, almost normally. They seem happy to him. He smiles and they go up to them and they both congratulate and hug him.


He sits in the back as his mum and dad talk about how amazing the show was. He doesn't take notice of what they say but just watches as his mother and father seem almost like a mother and father again, then turns and stares out the window. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion to him, as if a blur. He seems happy.

His happiness is stopped as he hears a scream and looks towards his mother before noticing a truck driving towards them in the windscreen.


A crash can be heard. Screams. Followed by silence.


BRENNAN lies under the covers on a hospital bed, eyes closed, scarred. His skin is pale, he looks deathly. He slowly opens his eyes, wincing in the light. Confusion, fear and sadness is written across his face. Sat next to him on a chair is an older woman, his GRANDMA. She looks terribly sad as she takes his hand and leans over to kiss him on the head, which causes him pain. She begins to cry but he closes his eyes again as if he needs the energy.


Brennan stands with his grandma, surrounded by what must be relatives all dressed in black. He still has marks on his face from the crash and he looks terribly pale. A priest speaks as two coffins side by side are lowered into the ground. People throw dirt and leave. Last is Brennan and his grandma, who take hold of some dirt and throw it. Brennan stands and looks from one coffin to the other, crying. Tears stream down his face and his grandma puts an arm around his shoulder. After a small while and many tears they turn and walk slowly away.

Created: Mar 05, 2010


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