chile earthquake

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has been like five days since the earthquake in chile, and this is horrible, this fucking goverment don't do anything for the small villages. i hate this situation.. I never said that i take that picture.. i just want to say that this goverment is a shit.. that old woman (michelle bachellet) is..i don't know how to say this.. the situation overshoots her.. some people are saying that she is with depression.she can't hold this situation, im I look forward to be march 11 for starting the new government, para que al fin toda esta mierda pare, and the people who have not received aid could be helped, have passed 6 days, here are people that haven't eaten since Saturday, no one went to help them, they don't have where to sleep, they dont have food or water, they dont have clothes, they dont have anything, and this is killing me, if you have any way to help, please do it.. i hope that you understand what im trying to say because i dont write very well. and yes that picture is not mine but i need some picture that represent us, and this is the best, because, how the teleton's slogan says, chile HELP chile, the chielan people are doing everything for the people of the forgotten villages, that villages where the authorities haven't done anything,.. Yesterday i was talking with my cousin, she was in consepcion, and she was telling me that ther was a disaster, she told me that at the corner of her street, where the cars go, was a man on the floor, and the cars passed over him, a lot of cars, he was dead, but no one did something whit his body, the cars crushed his body all the time; and in the villages by the sea, the people that live ther have to take the dead bodys themselves, bodys that have been six days there, that is disgusting. this picture has been taken by a Chilean photographer. i dont know is name but the man in the picture is a craftsman, who lost everything, and when he was searching between the rubbles he found the chilean flag

Created: Mar 05, 2010


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