Plant Shears

By DaxSchaffer

I'll leave the clever words to you RECorders out there. Also, I would DL it to get a good full screen view, since the preview shows it a little too big here.


I'm returning to HitRECord...again......again!!!

The following has nothing really to do with this image, just so you know. I really want to regularly start putting up my work here again and contributing with all of you amazing people out there. I've missed this place and it's always been so inspiring and welcoming. This last year was very intense for me as an artist. I sort of abandoned sites like this to spend more of my time going into strenuous training and classes to try and get myself where I've wanted to be in the animation industry. It felt a little like I had been wasting too much of my time online, but one thing that I've realized is that through the support I find in artists online (through facebook, blogs, or here) I've always been pushed to keep being more creative and to keep being more artistically honest with myself and what I'm capable of. So to everyone out there who has ever liked one of my pieces/collaborations or commented on anything really, all I can say is a very sincere thank you. Those silly little "likes" and hearts mean more than I think most people realize. Now, time to get busy arting again! I need to catch up with this place.

Plant Shears

Created: Nov 15, 2011


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