By kyleparker

My wires have become increasingly intertwined with yours.

They short circuit,

They glow, and sure enough

They burn more energy than we need.


I tried to cut the cord to you---

I really did try.


Every time I’d get out the scissors

You’d smack them out of my hands

And we’d stay connected.


These wires,

These “connections” we have,

They have to go.


We are only a few small trips---

---very small stumbles---

Away from ruining ourselves.


I used to pretend

That our wires

Had come connected,

Prior to meeting.

That there had to be some moment,

In space,

In time,

That we had meet long before we ever knew each other.


It’s impossible to try and untangle the wires.

I’ve spent years.

They wrap around my soul,

Binding me to you.

We could always unplug

Ourselves, creating a feast for the rest of the world.

Let them see the broken wires.

Let them mesh their filthy souls into my own.

As long as you hold my hand, nothing


Can break me from hope.




Created: Nov 14, 2011


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