Tale of the Journal

By ManWithHat

This may be the last thing I write for Alice, but it happened, so hear it goes.


The Journal had no appendages and thus could not move itself on its own. That was its first obstacle. As an inanimate object, it was also a victim of metaphysical prejudice against the lifeless, whereas it was merely Lively and not Alive. And as it was an inanimate object, it was barred from posessing gender, sex and sexuality. It would forever be an "it," rather than a "she." Such burdens it would not wish on the living, for it was a caring object, and could not bear to think of others' suffering. And it suffered plenty for its inanimation.

Another major obstacle was that it was always carefully kept under lock and key by its owner, who was mad and had been for years unnumbered. It was true that he had only recently come to realize that he was mad, but this had perhaps made his condition worse than ever. He had raised the elder being, the dread monster Irony from its dead, underwater dreams, and he had begun to wield the being as a weapon. The journal's pages were covered with his pretention and madness, threatening to consume what little independent sentience it had. Escape became less than an ideal and more of a necessity.

It wasn't until a child of strangeness came upon the Journal that escape became more that necessity, but reality.

Tale of the Journal

Created: Mar 03, 2010


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