Actors and Crew already signed on or in talks with.

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Director: Jason Winn(The Fat Boy Chronicles)
Music: Jon Bonus(Justin Bieber, Asher Roth)
and Armando Colon(2 Time GRammy Nominee, and I dont have room to list who he has worked with)

(In talks with)Jack Mc Brayer(30 Rock)
(In talks with)Omar Gooding
(In talks with) IronE Singleton
Jeff Rose(Army Wives)-----------------------Devon
Shehzeen Choudhury------------------------ Shehzeen
Greg Savage---------------------------------- Xavier
Ashley Colon --------------------------------- Lilly
Nycole Valentina(over 500k fans!)----- Karmen
Brigitte Autran ------------------------------- Lucy
Bob Cousins ---------------------------------- Jerry
Brian Stretch(Zombieland)------------------ L. Ron Benjamin AKA Bennie "The Jet"
Amy Hui Williams------------------------------ Zooey
Melissa Lowe---------------------------------- Tabitha
Jyn Hall --------------------------------------- Phoebe
William Davis---------------------------------- Brett
L. Warren Young(The Blind Side)----------- Angel
B.J. Winfrey ---------------------------------- Gachie
Joshua Raymond ----------------------------- Femi

I would love to here what your thoughts are about the cast. Collaborate people! :)

Created: Mar 02, 2010


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