Chile: Dee's Challenge

By wtrmln

I would have to agree. I know that the international news are showing the worst of the worst so I know some people believe that the capital was hit bad. It was, of course, but it's not in a bad state.
I live in La Dehesa, bordering Lo Barnechea, the former being a middle class area and the latter being a lower class area. In La Dehesa the most shaken up places were the taller buildings and the malls - this I can say from what I've seen since the earthquake hit. In Lo Barnechea, there are closed down streets, glass, walls, and bits of houses on the sidewalk - it was hit pretty bad but most of the houses are still fine.
I haven't really left this area since the earthquake, but I do have family that lives all over Chile. My grandparents live in Santo Domingo, where a tsunami hit last time there was an earthquake. Thankfully, this did not happen this time around, however most of the town crumbled, as did the neighbouring town San Antonio.
My sister was driving back up from Rapel - a lake area - and she said that what she saw on the way back to Santiago was devastating - basically everything was on the ground and there were people on the streets.
The last news I received was from the woman who raised me. She lives in Pitrufquen, which is very very close to the epicenter of the earthquake. Her house is fine but many of the houses around hers are non-existent.
I have also been reading the newspapers and I know for a fact that Concepcion, Valdivia, Chillan, and Valparaiso were hit pretty hard. In fact I found it shocking that Valparaiso was hit that hard, seeing as it is at least 400kms from the epicenter - but that just goes to show how far the earthquake spread and how hard it hit.

Personally, the memory I will take from this will be the irony and the horrifying images from my mom's appartment. I was supposed to be flying out to Vancouver the day before (Friday), but a bird hit the turbine so we couldn't leave. Then the earthquake hit and all I remember was when the lights went off and all I could see were the sliding doors to the balcony open and close furiously as everything fell around me and the only thing I could hear was glass breaking and people screaming.
I just got light and water today and I'm very glad that Dee did this.
Chile DOES need the help. Even though we are a country who builds everything as earthquake-proof as possible, these shakes did in fact destroy a lot. Help would be very appreciated in any shape or form.

Thank you very much Dee, and I'm extremely glad to know that you and your family are okay.

Chile: Dee's Challenge

Created: Mar 01, 2010

Tags: earthquake, help, damage, chile

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