Costumes and Intersections

By gblancag

you can wear the
glasses with the plastic nose
and bushy mustache

and I can sport
the coattails of pirates
with feather boas
gold lycra accessorizes
so well with
our skipping feet

we-the queens of California and Fauntleroy
ruled the intersection
with staring contests
that burned through drizzled windshields
when afternoons were slow

an apple for a lollipop,
but ours is magic
from these hands
gloved in fairy dust attic dust

princess gowns each time grow tighter
you dress up in pink and I’ll play you a game
of marching bands
beauty and the beast
cowboy love songs
terrorizing video rentals
shocking those we see
and causing rush hour home time
horns to toot at us

-the queens of the intersection
where we held our court
in dress-up-who-would-want-to-be-pretty-attire
you and me
and ten years old
should never leave
with our desire for vanity expressed
through the unsightly and obscene

but we know better
that our costumes are more real
than their cars and cafes.

Costumes and Intersections

Created: Mar 01, 2010


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