Tag Me

By kyleparker

Tag me; just touch the side of my arm---

Let me feel your skin, if it’s only in a game.


I can imagine you, grazing my arm,

Thrusting me down,




Pinning me to the mattress like I’ve lost a wrestling match,

Like I’ve been caught in the act of something truly horrid.


And my punishment?

A kiss.

You smother me with your lips,

So soft and plump, like a bowl of sweet fruit.

Nibbling on your lips, twisting my side into your side,

Contorting my face into a frame that you can put yourself into.


Shallow breathing-awaking my body in an electrical shock---

Pillow grabbing, you pull me back under you,

Kissing the small of my neck.

Brushing the bangs, the bangs that need to be cut, away from my face.


I laugh, in disbelief, for how can this---

How can us---

Be happening?


I laugh, because I know that if someone were to push me from behind, I’d awake and find myself sitting in the front of your car.


I’d find myself staring at your chin,

So angled and firm and sweet---

You gulp, about to hit a car---

Your neck widens and closes like a forceful wave upon a cliché shore.


You rattle me with your face-

So perfect,

So clear,

I hate it.


I hate me.

...I hate that I’m so drawn to the light in your spirit.

You cradle me in the notch of your eyes,

A slumber only we can take together.

I wrap the lower of my back in your butterfly wing eyelashes---

Your iris is my nightlight to the outer atmosphere.


You sniffle, rubbing your nose. 

How can a nose be beautiful?

How can I be overwhelmed by a nose---

     A nostril?

          A hair, falling from your upper lip—


-Not yours,



Kissing your chest with it’s wispiness.


I find myself transfixed with your spirit, your lovely immortal being that has come into my life.


You tag me; brush against my hand, and for a moment—

A very short moment-

We’re in love.

We are together.



Tag Me

Created: Nov 02, 2011


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