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Darkness, the one thing that people are most afraid of in this world. if there was no darkness would the concept of fear be implanted in the minds of so many people? Most times its not that you are afraid of the dark but you are afraid of what is in the dark, but the dark isn't always bad.

The body's first natural urge to do when faced with darkness is sleep, when one is asleep they dream, when you dream you go to a place where anything is imaginable, where ideas are started, where you can be all you can be and do what you mentally,physically, and emotionally cant do in this world.

If you took every shade, every color,and put them together the outcome would be black, black is darkness, therefor darkness is everything, everything is darkness.one can not be afraid of everything. everything is the world, your mom, your sister, your best friends. why would you be afraid of the ones you love and that love you.maybe darkness isn't anything to be afraid of but something to look forward to.

Created: Feb 28, 2010


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