What runs thought my mind late late at night!!!

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This one came out of nowhere but I guess it is my thoughts wow I am so what depressing opps..

When everyone sleeps I'm up and about
The pacing never tires me out
Yet as I wonder around the house
I can hear my thoughts shouting out
Oh why don't you learn you silly girl
Grow up while you still can
Why can you be more like her
Oh straighten up fix your hair
The thoughts in my head turn to tears
Oh why can't I be the girl they so want me to be
The girl with the body of a goddess and all
The one who is smart and get's it all
But here with my thoughts is where I lay
Alone in the dark pacing away
What runs through my mind late late at night
Will I learn? Oh give it up and go to sleep!

Created: Feb 28, 2010


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