RMS Lula's Misadventurous Arrival

By ntheon

RMS Lula's Misadventurous Arrival in Sellosedge: Being a side-tale of the Universe of Morgan M. Morgansen and relating backstory of the Zeppelin Zoo and the purrbeast.

Zepmaster Bryce Byng uprighted himself from his foldupable cloth-personholder and vicinitated to the don'tfall. The geo-gas was a vivid cobaltic hueshade, the lightgiver shinybright. Vicinitating his farglass to his one functional seeglobe, he vectorized earthward. He had never once been disimpressed with the seeglobe-feast from the frontalized seesighting pad of RMS Lula, his magnilificent skyschooner-turned-globe's-only-upover-animalium.

Far below in the bowels of the Lula, the sky-ark's newest inhabitant, Mambo, the hugeriffic purrbeast they had just aboarded at last grounding, was agitating about his beastprison. The upover was noplace for a proudbeast, a fierce jungleking! All this swayshaying tofro was tummysetting.

Soonly Zepmaster Byng felt a prettilious pair of personpaws petting his wearisome frame. He liplifted and swivelhipped to hold his be-ringed lifelove, Lady Gwendolyn Fossey-Goodall Byng. Pawtangled, they sightsaw the enchantfest earthward of them, the fast-vicinitating villagelet of suburban Sellosedge. According to his scrupuled navigations, their uniqueulous sky-ark would groundify with but minutes to spare before openshow.

"Lifelove of mine" she bewhispered him, "would you retrotime and lifechange if you could, to have both seeglobes intact, and your skyfleet career again? To wing in a fleeter ship, enbristled with boomtubes, free of beastynoise and beastystench?"

"My heartflutter, you wellknow my heartsense on that", he enchided her. "For I would never have met the wonderiffic personette I have been enlucked to lifeshare with these many-year." She cooed most flirtately. "You must meet her someday," he enplussed, most mischivishly. She airsucked hard, and then playslugged him, before they pawtangled again.

Byng had once ensigned aboard this very skyschooner as a freshmint-cadet, albeit briefishly, in her pre-now vive, when she was bottlesmacked as HMS Bombastic. So very longago- faraway now. She had languished, weaponstripped and prideless, in the skyfleet rustyard, until Byng and his Lady had paychased her as syrupless, reincarnessing her, and re-bottlesmacking her as RMS Lula, after her lifegiver and his lifegiver's lifegiver, both greatladies being denominated as Lula.

"And you, my saxifrageous lifelong-lovebuddy, would you ever entrade this vagabonded vivity for your pre-now livelongdays, head-leading a normal earthgrounded animalium? And homecoming each moon-up to a fixedabode, like a normal housepersonette?"

"And you heartknow my feelsense of that equalwell, my purecanesugar" she saybacked. "No other vive but this locofest sky-ark we concoctified could able us to lifeshare so completely and yet followcall our separate destiny's."

"But you know I must pardonbeg now, my beautilicious belle. I mustways makeprep to safeground our skyschooner."

"Aye aye, Zepmaster" she mocksaluted. "And I should hastle to postpare the prenoon briefstaff for my zoocrew, inprep of this postnoon's beastshows."

As his plucky personette devicinitated, the Zepmaster uncradled the farspeaker and enquested vectorizations from the trafficmaster at Sellosedge Zepport. He then uncradled the nearspeaker and enquested the outlookers to keep seeglobes well peeled for nearcollision-vectoring skyships, not to mention those pesky, accursed little heavyfliers that no dignityrespecting Zepman would be caught unlive in.

With all seeming wellordered, he began orderbarking to the wheelboy and the spinblade crews. Nearly a halfklik after of him, Lula's backfins began a dance as delicate as any finbeast in the great sky-ark's aquaclears, pondergently pointing her downtoward Sellosedge's minicule Zepport.

Simultanifactly, in the bowels of the sky-ark, the sudden manoeuverating at last had fatally un-nervated Mambo, the hugemongous purrbeast. His cagepacing waygave to a hemocurdling bellowfest. This would have been a nonproblem had not a smartless paidslave careless-missed a vital detail: dutyfailing, he had left Mambo's bar-swinger dislocked! With a mighty crashthrough, the enragified purrbeast was enloosed upon the skyship.

Mambo fastpaddled about, slippensliding hitherthither. He smashified against the hardclear of a huge aquatank, leaving wet strewn about the middecks, while the formerly entanked finbeast, gaspified, desperate-leaped into another aquatank, heedlessish of the dismayal and objectifications of it's current tenants. Four of the zoocrew, peril-realizing, hastled to devicinitate as fast as their slipsliding footcovers could carry them.

Lady Fossey-Goodall Byng settled into her papershufflingroom to postprep her zoostaffbrief, when she ear-vectorized the suddenish commotion-making, a deck above, Thusly peril-alerted, she actionsprang on the doublequick. The purrbeast's mighty bigpurr enlightened her as to what must have mishapped. She uprighted and began to rapid-vicinitate down the core-of-doors. Curses! Her trusty sleepygun remained in their quarters, the enragified purrbeast Mambo between her and it. Her frightified crew had scatterpated into whatever nicheplaces they could quickishly cowardhide.

She airsucked thricely, calmitating herself. A brainbaby apparated to her just-in-timey. Across the hall, she locked seeglobes with Nigel, the testeronic alphachimp of the prizonized primates. "Old boy", she entreated, "I shall priveligeify you with double-ration for a moon-cycle if you shall aidsist me." Nigel tilted his topbulb in agreeance.

She produced her unlocker and swung open Nigel's barswing. Proudily, Nigel chestpuffed. Fierce as any kickball ruffian, he cast about and his seeglobes alighted upon a set of apeshackles and a manureshovel, perfect as a makedo beatchain and beatstick. Equipifying himself with these, he charged off, Lady Byng struggling to keep abeast of her Doolittlian enforcer.

Madcap chasing about the zeppelin, the Lady and the Chimp at last caught up with the rampagous enormokitten far abaft, now enthreatening the starbeard spinblade crews. From the nearspeaker, Lady Byng could ear her forever-lovebuddy shouting for enplussed turnage on the starbeard spinblades, to no avail, for the terrorificated spinblade crew had cowardrun. The skyark lurched hard to starbeard and sickeningly groundward.

Lady Byng made for the spinblade controls and righted the skyship, tardily. Menaceish, Mambo's seeglobes vectorized her and began to vicinitate toward her.

Nigel chestpuffed and chestpounded, as Konglike as he could, distractifying the terrorish purrbeast. Fastily the mane-beast rotated upon Nigel, laughtered that this stinkish crapflinger would dare challenge the jungleking. Determined to lessonteach this startup, he readymade to chargeify Nigel.

Nigel was ready to bookify, when he caught the seeglobes of his zoomistress. He could vive without the yummymoon of double-rations, but he could not humilify his entire primateous species in front of this fine Lady. Not to mention the disappealing brainflash of unwinning a beast scrape to this, this pussybeast! Enboldated, he testosterated and groundstood firmly, his improviso beatstick at ready, his improviso beatchain aswing.

Mambo charged allhismightily at Nigel. Deftily, Nigel sideslipped the purrbeast, whackifying him with his improvoweapons as he bypassed, and then rotating hastily, justintimey to gaze the enormokitten wallslam his topbulb with a thud. Again the purrbeast turned Nigelward, and made as if to charge once more. Thoracaciously proudified of himself, Nigel extended an apepaw, palmuppish, and motioned with his apedigits: bring it!

But Mambo estopped midcharge to vicinitate a beastpaw to his aching topbulb. He then moved his beastpaw to his heartcage and bowed handsomishly to his victorious foe. The duetted erstwily combatives vicinitated each other, and much backslapping, and not a little unseemish facelicking ensued. The newbuddies devicinitated the spinbladehouse to lock themselves back into their respective cages, laughishly calling each other pussybeast and poo-flinger as they ambulated.

The shamished zepplin cowardcrew returned to their flystations, outcouraged by a plucky personette and one testosteronic alphachimp. Many would be wantad-purusing soonishly.

Having disaster-averted, the personette made a brainnote to double Nigel's rations for a thirtyday, as promissoried. She briefstopped to narciss in her quarters, before upheading to re-enjoin her eternal lovebuddy for the animalium's postgrounding welcomefest.

Moments later, Lula groundsettled smoothily on the Zepport's groundingland before a jubilating crowd of animalium enthusi-aesthetes, exultant for their earthspin's cruise through the magnificous upover whilst strolating amongst the exotobeasts.

Pawtangled, the joyified carnybarkers dezepplined to properly welcomize the dayguests. "Welcome friends! To the globe's only animalium of the upover!" Shouted the Zepmaster.

Not to be stageupped, his Lady loudplussed her barklines: "Upstep, upstep! We have exotobeasts from every globecorner, for your musement and joyification!"

Her seeglobes fixified upon a pawtangled pair and slyishly outpointed them to Zepmaster Byng. "Do they enmind you of anyone?" she enwhispered him.

He liplifted broadishly and whisperbacked. "Indeedish, my lifelovebuddy, they enmind me of ourselves, upon our eleventeenth date."

An hour later, the joyified waypaying dayguests all-aboard and the Lula leisurecruising through the cobaltic bluefest, Zepmaster and his Lady met in their quarters for their mid-prenoon teasip.

"I say, my sugarcane, what was all that commotion-stirring as we earthgrounded. I tremble-thought we might shiplose!"

"Oh, nothing importune," she liplifted, her larynx-sounds ever so slyish. "I heartswear to thrallificate you with the talespin this moon-up." No sense ruinating this oh-so-shinybright earthspin for him. "I expect a very quietish earthspin, nothing else could mishap now. Besidely, you have promissled me a waxstick eatnight, this moon-up, and I know a quaintly loversparadise in Sellosedge, called Chez Destin."

RMS Lula's Misadventurous Arrival

Created: Feb 28, 2010


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