hitRECord on Halloween (MC Intro v2)

By MattConley

Here's a new version of the intro video for the "hitRECord on Halloween" show in New York City.

In this version there's a movie theatre introduction assembled to coincide with new voice over samples as well as additional horror movie cuts, more red hues throughout, and logos and inserts created by 12:42.

hitRECord on Halloween (MC Intro v2)

Created: Oct 27, 2011

Tags: reverb, introduction, promotion, ghosts, vincent mcsuperfly, skip, latest, hip-hop, dead, pd, pammy, intro's, hell, edits, runs, eyes, customers, creepy, living, music, big screen, theme, joseph gordon-levitt, glass, tempo, synth, cinematic, reading, escape, shadows, alive, records, terror, darkness, sound effects, rhythm, faces, haunting, murder, style, kills, characters, editing, dark, old school, bats, walking, script, editor, drums, show, pam's, richie millenium, women, narrator, girl, feature presentation, death, turn on, archive.org, axe, remix theatre, clips, bass, recording devices, cinema, scary, red, coughs, vo, bloody, coming attraction, edit, animation, past, graves, fast, cuts, goblins, light, mummies, performers, graphics, remix, killer, evil, pumpkins, haunted, remixed, running, redux, face, supernatural, visuals, retro, record, thunder, nyc, spooky, colors, The Dead, day glo, tombs, kick, advertisement, richiemillenium, eye, performances, crime, voice, recording, matt, watching, actors, beings, action, new york city, richie, mattconley, pamagotchi, zoom, blood, promo, rap, fx, films, scared, scream, lightning, cloak, moon, promos, beat, killed, stock footage, masks, spirits, newest, assemble, acting, soundz, grab, glow, woman, knife, laughs, guts, movie theater, sitting, quick, anthony hopkins, cutting, darker, zombie, instrumental, horror, titles, terrifying, halloween, matt conley, slides, hip hop, screams, zombies, bumper, public domain, animated, stylish, pitch, screaming, logos, the night, live event, name, laughing, kicks, score

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