Morgan & Destiny's Eleventeeth Date: Animal noises!

By rachelb

I feel kinda silly- not doing animal noises on a regular basis! But I was really excited about it. I even looked up some of the animal sounds so I could better imitate them. I did some different species of some of the animals, like the Flit Tweets and Primates and had a great time cracking myself up.

I couldn't remember what the tweeting birds flying around after a knockout sound like. I had no success looking it up either, so I just did what I thought it might be.

I'm not so sure about the roaring Purrbeast... hee hee!! ;)

I had a great time with this fun stuff. I know some of the takes have background noise from my computer. I can always do pickups. :)

Here's a list of all the noises I did (prrrretty much in order):
Flit Tweets
Black masked rare bears
Madame Ballofur purring
Madame Ballofur disimpressed
Food Penguin chomping a speary eatstick
Purrbeast purring
Gogglebirds tweeting
Purrbeast roaring
The cat gives her card to the lion

I would have made a version with it edited it in over the picture, but I don't know how to do that. ;)

Morgan & Destiny's Eleventeeth Date: Animal noises!

Created: Feb 27, 2010


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