a quick request re: filenames...

By noiseball

hi everybody!

a quick request:

when releasing an audio, video or image record, please please please go to the trouble of renaming the file you're uploading so that it has the same title as the release/record itself.

potentially patronizing example:

you want to release a song. the song's name is 'I Love Tea'.
please make sure the audio file is named "I Love Tea.mp3" or "I_Love_Tea.mp3".

it means that if anyone uses your song as part of their own record, they can attribute your resource very easily [and hey, who doesn't want their work attributed?].

...a lot more easily than someone having to hunt down the proper title of "track01.mp3" - one of the twenty or thirty resources they ended up using - so that they can give credit to the appropriate creator.

thanks for listening [eh... reading]!

[p.s. an alternative/additional solution would be for the powers that be to reintroduce the automatic addition of the RECord number into the filename - as on previous version(s) of the site...]

[p.p.s. I really do love tea and RECommend Barry's Gold Blend. ahhhhh!]

a quick request re: filenames...

Created: Feb 26, 2010

Tags: audio, upload, video, image

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