Shadow Ver.2

By Channing Tatum

OK... WOW, I can't believe I'm about to do this. SO, I couldn't sleep last night, so I found this and was enchanted. I'm not sure what you call what I did. Let's be clear I do not and never have before other than the car... sing, or even played with music like this. So I guess this is just a temp and if I flush out the idea clearly then we find someone in HitRecord That would be a good match for Meta, vocaly. I kinda looked at it like a spokenish wordish thing, because Lawrie is just a ridiculous linguist. So just to be clear of my with myself deprecation and insecurity I had no clue how to harmonize so I didn't even try. I think i thought of it as a dark Row row row your boat( I know mad simple but thats me) there's something magical about the simplicity so this isn't it but there might be a way to keep it raw and simple and play with it. PLEASE any help is welcomed. God I can't believe I'm do this.

Shadow Ver.2

Created: Feb 25, 2010


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