Use this Channing Tatum clown footage to make something new. You could add music, voice over or other video clips... anything! - Editing

/ Parallels / (Low-Res)

By MattConley

Here is the low-resolution version of / Parallels /. The high-res version, for remixing purposes, can be downloaded here:

An abstract remix of Channing Tatum's "Half a Clown."

Much thanks to all of you that contributed some exemplary readings of "Parallels" earlier today!


Caught between the parallels

This great illusion shining

Like the end of a long winter

Time is this shallow dream

Held together with string

And as the shadows glimmer

The calm returns like magic

To stay until dark

/ Parallels / (Low-Res)

Created: Oct 21, 2011

Tags: remixed, cinema, strings, high definition, sounds, clouds, lights, music, linear, vo, cut, poetry, composed, nose, mouth, short film, heaven, appearance, mysterious, death, composer, voice, acts, heart, submit, matt, narrate, sky, readings, style, read, shadows, dreams, sunset, dreaming, dash, cameron, eyes, logo, story, mattconley, bass, glow, edits, observe, volume, written, slow, loneliness, text, submissions, filmed, performance, lonely, ambiguous, rays, wearing, narration, cameronsmith, dressed, sunrise, darkness, meditate, poem, makeup, writes, ideas, light, afternoon, cameron smith, calm, life, abandoned, short, levels, shines, costume, hitrecord, editor, writer, school, recorded, channing, audio, ambient, vest, lines, remix, god, sentences, hallway, smoky, turn, voiceover, mystery, voice over, cinematic, request, hearts, red, channing tatum, theme, breath, visuals, edited, scenery, quiet, beautiful, thematic, make-up, outfit, hd, stanzas, watch, narrator, high def, walking, odd, mime, matt conley, response, cinematography, intro, dress up, drinking, score, chan, blow, bright, sunshine, make up, shining, drunk, hands, audio's, cutting, sunny, recorders, living, classical, alive, acting, dust, a smoky, thoughts, brief, deep, soothing, learning, day, actor, tone, ambience, perfomer, mic, red nose, hat, weird, thinking, building, glance, strange, credits, logos, character, tracks, violins, lighting, bumper, action, surreal, looking, soft, titles, clowns, windows, sleeping

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