An Altered State of Mind

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Well the sun she is sleeping
And the moon's raining down
Like a pixilated white wall
Where no daylight can be found
The earth's going down slow
And she's rolling her wide hips
Turning stones into fire
With the roughness of her lips
Baby, she can grind
I'm in an altered state of mind.

The wind rustles the leaves
It sounds like a symphony
The river rushes underneath
And slams into the sea.
The pavement curls and coils and curves
Like smoke made into rock,
Meanwhile I'm singing nursery rhymes
To make the flowers talk
And to make me blind
I'm in an altered state of mind.

So turn me like a spinning top
And blow me like the wind
Carve me like a wooden stake
Yeah, cut 'til I have grinned.
If my eyes start rolling back,
Well, you know what to do.
If you can't be my saving grace
Well, I'm through.
So won't you be kind?
I'm in an altered state of mind.

Created: Feb 25, 2010


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