Me <3

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I'm pasted back together
with tacky glue and feathers
a paper doll dressed up the way you please
more paint on her face
not one hair out of place
straighten out every crease
I've sat back and I've let this happen
now I'm feeling trapped in
cellophane wrapping
don't laugh like that
straighten up that back
you say this all so matter of fact
like changing my whole being
should happen so naturally
suddenly there's pink bows in my hair
where yellow flowers used to be
does anyone not care
that I quite enjoyed being me
puppet controlled at every joint
this doll has met her breaking point
the strings are cut the bows are untied
I tear apart this silly dress
remove this paint from my eyes
silk and lace lay on the floor
I'll take back the things that I adore
when I look back at the torn silk and lace pile
I will not be able to hold back my laughter my smiles
dance away knowing I'll always be free
if I'm never afraid to always be ME

Created: Feb 25, 2010


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