Morgan & Destiny's Eleventeeth Date - (white walls)

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Right then, here 'tis! Lexy, Chan and I had a ball doing this the other night. I just finished the cut last night. Hope it does justice to Metaphorest's fantastic tale!

It's certainly a much more ambitious story to tell than the first installment of Morgan M. Morgansen. So this version is less complete than the "white walls" version of that last episode. We got a lot of work ahead of us with this one!

Time to get to work on the visuals. Lawrie Brewster, this one has a hell of a lot more settings than the last one. I'm hoping the hitRECord contingent of graphic artists can rally round and pull together on this one.

I want to do another pass on the voice over. There's the characters' gibberish to add, sound effects. And of course, music!

This is the closest I could come to a file that would fit within our video player's 500MB limit. But I'm gonna upload another higher-res file as well for those of you (and there better be a lot!) who want to download it and start adding to it.


Created: Feb 25, 2010

Tags: mmm

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