By Kathy

When he was a kid they would say
'So strange for a boy not to play'
He'd just sit there and wait
Them taking the bait
Then release all his rage for the day.

Now man, he stomps like a pig
So heavy, so laden and big
He'll smash down his chair
Fists pull at his hair
Snapping kindness in half like a twig.

When he talks he talks about death
And tells you your life is a mess
He's got fire in his blood
Head covered with hood
And jealousy curls from his breath.

Still, he knows how to smile like a child
And tame himself down from the wild
To cover his track
Watch out for his back
And pretend to be pleasant and mild.

When we met his eyes were like beads
Or terrible black, little seeds
That grew in my heart
Then tore it apart
And threw it out into the reeds.

In the murkiest waters I fed
And slept in a sorrowful bed
From noon until night
I geared up for the fight
While draining the blood from my head.

And now I am ready to feel
That maybe it's just no big deal
To scream back in his face
Shake off his embrace
And put boot to his flesh til he kneels.

As always his eyes will make rain
And he'll rise to give generous pain
But when I actually go
He'll suffer the blow
And he won't ever break me again.

When I was a kid they would say
'Your future's a bright summer's day'
But now they're all dead
And I'm darkenss instead
Like a crow making grey days in May.


Created: Feb 25, 2010


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