Protest new nuclear power

By JadeRamsey

Call 202-224-3121 Feb. 25th - or your Congressperson or Senator

Dear Friends,

Thursday February 25th is a national call in day to use our voices to protest public funding of Nuclear Power Plants. I understand that for most there is a want to accept our President's (and former President's) insistence that this is a "clean, safe and inexpensive" energy source.

This can not be further from the truth. At every step nuclear power is dirty, deadly and poisonous. There is no where to store the nuclear waste from plants safely. How can we leave the waste of our energy needs for some say 12,000 generations to come?
For me, after reviewing the problems with toxic waste the discussion is off the table for anymore nuclear power plants. There is nothing left to debate.

Of course add with that the amount of water it uses, and then heats up and puts back into our oceans and rivers (recently the Arkansas Nuclear Power Plant was closed when the river water used to cool the plant reached over 90 degrees!), the rate of birth defects around power plant sites, the destruction of land and health problems at uranium mining sites, the chance of a melt down or leaking into our water and soil, milling the uranium, transporting and then a possible explosion (fire or terrorist attack) at the site and there just is no question that this is one of the most destructive uses of energy on the planet. Not to mention expensive and using tax payer money.

Please visit the web site Physicians for Social Responsibility article to read further evidence of the destructive power of nuclear energy. Please also read stories/google the Vermont Power Plant that is in the news today.

You will not hear the truth of the poison of nuclear power plants on the news, you will need to do your own research, so please, get informed and call your representative Thursday Feb. 25th.

More resources are everywhere on the web, here are but a few.


"If you Poison Us, Uranium and Native Americans" by Peter H. Eichstaedt (Book)

“The large electrical monopolies love nuclear power, coal and oil fired plants. These plants are far too technical and require far too much investment for the average citizen or small business to undertake. The large monopolies do not favor the wide spread use of solar photovoltaic cells, wind generators or other de-centralized production because it would undermine their monopoly.
If one considers the U.S. Dept. of Energy budget one could really call it the Dept. of Oil, Coal and Nuclear Subsidies: there has been no effort to promote alternatives. Oil, coal and nuclear receive an ocean of funding, while alternatives receive a drip. That is because the huge energy monopolies control the energy debate in Congress through their campaign contribution largesse. Any representative who promotes nuclear as a solution simply has not heard both sides of the story…….”. – Jay Miller, Nuclear power will not solve the problems of global warming


Protest new nuclear power

Created: Feb 25, 2010


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