Mr. Rabbit

By The New-Age Thinker

I run, and I run, and I am never on time!
That poor little girl must think I've long passed my prime...
but it was her fault, not mine, that she followed me down,
and now when I'm rushing I see her running around!
I am Mr. White Rabbit! the one and the best!
why, so many want me, I can't even rest!
AH! all of this talking has made me so late!
look at the time... i must go set this straight!
everyone always walking so slow...
its as if they don't care i have somewhere to go!
the girl, she can last, she can find her way back,
it is me whose head is going to be hacked!
O, that infamous Queen... sending me on these treks.
and I who must listen, to this Queen of the deck!
My fur is on end, and my ears they do fall,
when I rush myself off to the Queen's every call.
Oh no! there she goes... once again I must stop
I wish people would leave me to obey the clock!
"Mr. Rabbit! Mr. Rabbit!" said alice, ahead.
"I'm late! I must run! I'm sorry young girl,
but please just go home! this isn't your world!
you shouldn't have followed, when I went down the hole,
for all you have done is slowed me to a stroll."
the rabbit had stopped, yet he shuffled his feet,
speaking as quickly as he wanted to leave.
"Oh, come Mr. Rabbit, just show me the way,
and I will be out of your feet by the end of today."
Little Alice now seemed as though she had too,
lost a patience that Mr. Rabbit never knew.
"Fine! Fine! it seems that i must...
come, follow me, if you can keep up!"
and with that Mr. Rabbit once more hopped away,
taking a path that unfortunately led him astray.
and Alice, she followed, she chased after his tail.
keeping in sight his fur, that stood out, so pale.
He hopped and he hopped, moving so quick,
that they came to a forest, and Alice lost sight of him.
and now she is where she remained for so long,
lost in a forest, alone in the throng.
the trees, they laughed, as Alice walked off,
Alone with herself, in this world, she was lost.

Mr. Rabbit

Created: Feb 24, 2010


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