When You're Asleep

By gblancag

When you have fallen asleep
Your breaths are soft sleep songs over the phone
Touched with the silences of your room
And blue walls
Red walls
Hold your dreams
Until they come floating back to me
In starlight night sleep
When we aren’t apart

And I see distant seas way back beneath your eyes
Where wind whipped thoughts
Are carried through the storms of all your fears

The oceans of your eyes are calling
And I will sing you to sleep
And speak to you in broken French
When even dream breaths are all that reach my ear
through the distances
We divide

I will read you poetry
my love
And pretend I know those Spanish words
Te amo
Debajo de tu piel vive la luna
Or other pretty things
And little love songs
That could keep
Your sea swept eyes
From ever being dry again.

When You're Asleep

Created: Feb 24, 2010


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