The Wandering Tree

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This is a sketch of what I like to a wandering tree. I don't draw, I'm not an artist, I really only take part in what I refer to as obsessive doodling. That's where this came from, not from a need to create or really express anything, but from errant thoughts on days when I've had too much on my mind. In Harry Potter they use a Pensieve and simply pluck the thoughts that are taking up too much space right out of their heads and view it from afar. I sketch this tree over and over again, each time with a slightly different lean and a slightly different flow because the thought process moves in a different direction on a different day.

Anyway, this particular sketch didn't scan well since it was done so lightly in pencil, but I've started a new wandering tree that seems to be a bit darker so maybe I'll post that one later.

Created: Feb 24, 2010


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