By sean_ramones

This experiment took place after one of my most horrific dreams that I stumble across alot in slumber-land. The event takes place LONG ago when I was 10. I was at school and people that I know now are suddenly 'in my past' so to speak but not any younger as if I'm some sort of lower figure of their society. Anyways as I'm sitting I stare at the sky (as I usually due on a beautiful cloudy day) when suddenly light smoke begins to fill the air. A plane with half its wing missing begins spiraling over me from behind. The engines roaring and people screaming. The thuds of the aeroplanes as they crash before me and the shrieking from the victims of the burning wreck begin to fade.
My mind fills with confusion as another plane rushes directly past me from the same direction as the last. This plane lands fairly close with schratnel from the planes wing hitting and killing the girl I was sitting with.

... And there I am. It feels like forever but my dream goes on forever. Just me, Staring at this carnage. Staring at death.

...Finally after it feeling like forever I notice a man walking towards me in a 1920's detective style outfit. he walks close to me and begins to slowly make his way to the seat. we sit and stare at the wreck for about ten minutes.

He leans toward me and whispers softly

"wake up"

If anyone can help me get rid of this dream, any advice will do. Its so graphic and sickening. Any help is good help.


Created: Feb 23, 2010


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