Before I Die...

By GiN825

List of Things To Do Before I Die (in no particular order)

1. Live in Arizona for at least one year.
2. Get married to a successful, loving man.
3. Have at least two babies.
4. Graduate a higher form of education.
5. Have some sort of writing published.
6. Get deeper into my creativity through
7. Get an iPhone.
8. Become a physical therapist.
9. Get a better computer with much better accessories.
10. Meet the creator of or be recognized by him.
11. Meet Matthew Gray Gubler
12. Act a role in a movie or TV show no matter the role or it’s significance.
13. Write one successful song.
14. Donate an entire paycheck to a charity.
15. Stop smoking.
16. Meet Lady Gaga
17. Learn how to play an entire song on the guitar.
18. Win a contest.
19. Travel to Japan and/or Ireland
20. Fly a plane.
21. Ride the highest roller coaster in the world.
22. Lose 100 lbs. (and keep it off)
23. Win the lottery.
24. See the Browns win a superbowl (no matter how much I really hate them haha)
25. Meet Metallica and show them the tattoo I dedicated to them.
26. Get a chest tattoo.
27. Get my nipples repierced.
28. Vacation in Hawaii.
29. Visit every state.
30. Live in a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood.
31. Make my family proud.
32. Live long enough to see a cure for Muscular Dystrophy and Cancer.
33. Spend the day with Avenged Sevenfold (RIP Jimmy)
34. Take voice lessons and sing a song that no one cringes at.
35. Host a radio show.

Before I Die...

Created: Feb 23, 2010


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