the hope she carried

By spin

both hug tight for fear of leaving each other
not knowing if or when he’ll be back
she stands there and watches him walk away
until the sky above turns pitch black

every week he is gone he writes her a letter
and every week she replies
then one week no letter
she looks down and she sighs

maybe he’s busy
2 weeks go by then 3
she looks through the mail
and in there she finds a letter from her sweet that reads

" i got shot but don’t worry
i know i’ll be fine
all i need
is your beautiful loving face in my mind

i miss that gleaming smile upon your face
the intoxicating sent of your vanilla perfume
please please my sweet don’t worry
i’ll be there to greet you after work soon"

she reads this letter
and begins to cry
she’s just so scared
that he’s going to die

3 weeks later
she checks the mail but no letter received
2 weeks later she receives his letter
and she’s so relieved

in this letter he writes
" sorry my love i ran out of paper
please don’t worry
believe it or not it isn’t so bad out here

something happened
while i was on a mission against terrorists
i found hidden on the ground
was a little girl with a string on her wrist

in the most innocent tone she asked
" are you taking me away like my mother"
i scooped her into my arms and said "no
i’m here to save you and your brother

and i watched as a smile grew on her face
she is so beautiful so innocent
she tells us stories of what once was
she seems to remind everyone of why it’s here we were sent

thanks to her
we now know what we’re fighting for
we’re fighting not for us but for them
so those children’s faces aren’t sad any more

optimism shines in those little girls eyes
and in the troops as well
i will be coming home in 4 weeks for a short visit
till then my love fair well "

hope glitters through out her face
she imagines him coming home
them both running across the fields
that they used to call their home

3 weeks later she’s looking through her mail
and a strange looking letter has arrived
it reads" we are sorry for your loss"
turns out thanks to a bomb he and his friends lost their lives

she starts to weep
and she starts to cry
praying so hard
that the letters a lie

she continues to cry
and then she stops her tears
cause she remembered the little girl
from his last letter

the little girl stood for hope
that that place will once again be
a beautiful place
where children can play with their friends in safety

the hope she carried

Created: Feb 23, 2010


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