Never Poetic

By allynthewicked

Times have run past
and words gone lost,
Muse is a deep well all dried up,
Verses are longings flown away,
Here I wait for lines till they come,

One song has died in someones mind,
Desire is born in dreaming eyes,
In a circle we dance alive,
A melody’s meant to survive.

I hear sorrows painted the sky,
Then it fell and dried the sunrise,
For a confused world that we have,
Black trees and green rivers
have cried.

Somewhere a heart seeks for heaven,
One bed still carries that burden,
Head is empty as a broken cup,
I lie restless cursing the light.

Endless the thought flows a river,
Swelling into sea and beyond,
This ending stabs pain like a knife,
I must go on and I must write.

Never Poetic

Created: Oct 10, 2011

Tags: bad poetry, poetry attempt, writers block

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