Heaven Sent

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think of this as one for the fangirls AND fanguys! tee hee. cuz you know they're out there.

been working on this one for almost a year because

a) it's one of my oldest and dearest friend's songs, a GREAT song! so a labor of love b) i was learning the program as i went c) i took long frustration/burnout/REsource-collection breaks

now it's time to put it out there for REmixing and general play. enjoy!

written, performed and sung by Ron Linden, aka ronton. ♥

public domain footage used:

door to heaven, 1941 http://www.archive.org/details/DoortoHe1941

heavenlybodies, 1920 http://www.archive.org/details/Heavenly1920

resources being listed asap!



Heaven Sent

Created: Oct 09, 2011

Tags: joseph gordon-levitt, celebrity, humor, love, fan, funny, crush, joe, idol, heaven, infatuation, angel, star

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