A Little Advice

By jcnavyguy

Women Advice

 To be a "Good Guy" all one has to do is treat a woman with a little respect! Give her solid advice when needed, always be a shoulder for her to cry on. Always tell her she is the most amazing looking woman in the room even if you don't think so! Plus side is........ She is always the most amazing woman in the room! Listen to her talk about work, friends, family, and whatever else it is they talk about! Just remember to listen! Enjoy her company because it is worth it! Love her unconditionally because she deserves it! Love her friends because they are the ones that ultimately make the decisions! She'll say they don't, but they do! Surprise her with your love! Make her cry with joy! Never put her down! She doesn't deserve that! If you can find something to put her down about then be sure she already has something to put you down about! Oh and the biggest one of them all! Never, I mean never try and remove the Gay Guy in her life! Trust me, he is the one dealing with all that stuff the straight men have no desire to deal with! 

A Little Advice

Created: Feb 22, 2010


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