FTTSOL (until a better title)

By cosmicbaglady

script for a film

main characters:

older brother Jonathan

younger brother Michael

Lumin Aurora

(names until better names)

Two brothers in their early and mid-twenties travel home to visit their family
and to get together to hike in the White Mountains of Maine.

The brothers have parked their car in designated parking area and along with the
family dog, wearing backpacks with food and water, they head into the White Mountains. As they follow the trail thye see something moving very quickly through
the trees up ahead. They pause from their general conversation, confused by what
appeared to be a figure of light. They decide to not turn back and to continue on ahead.

As the two brothers come into a clearing they see the thing of light out in the open,
and it definitely looks like a person. Their dog takes off chasing it. The two brothers
take off in pursuit, more of their dog than the light figure. The older brother pulls
out ahead and, following the dog and the light, leaves the trail and going through
the underbrush of the forest. The younger brother follows and hears a lot of crashing and yelling up ahead. When he comes to a steep drop off in the forest floor he can just make out the legs of his brother down below. He runs down the steep incline grabbing whatever he can hold on to as he goes. When he reaches the bottom he sees his brother prone on the ground only semi conscious.

The younger brother runs to the older one and tries to help him up. He can not stand and is in a great deal of pain. Either his ankle is badly sprained or broken. The younger brother helps his brother to sit up and lean against a tree and gives him a
drink of water from the backpack he is wearing. The younger brother tells his brother there is no way he can get back up to the trail with his ankle the way it is. He says he is going to go back to the car and go for help. They talk about how it will be hard to find the way back unless they mark it. They pull a red windbreaker out of the other backpack and the older brother takes a swiss army knife out of his pocket. They cut strips from the jacket and the younger brother, after making sure his older brother has the packs near where he is sitting with water and food handy, begins his climb
back up to the trail.

As the older brother watches him, their dog reappears and sits down next to the older brother. The dog keeps looking back as though there is something in the woods near them. The dog wags his tail at whatever he is seeing and a figure of
light appears and moves toward the older brother and seems to envelope him
in its radiance. The younger brother has reached the trail up above and has started to jog in the direction of the car. He stops as though he senses something is happening. He has to make the decision to go back or go forward. He decides to go forward. The scene flashes back to the older brother.

The figure of light is looking at him in a friendly manner. "She", because it is evident up close she is a she, bends down and places her hands over the older brother's ankle. Her light seems to grow brighter for a moment. The brother finds that the pain is gone and he can stand up. The two walk forward to a small clearing and a conversation begins. The "lumins" voice is distinct but a little different than a regular person's.

Now the rest of the story is going to follow a line of the Lumin revealing things about the future of Earth to the older brother. He is trying, through out the film to figure out whether she is an alien, or someone who has come back from the future.
[the viewers will not know till the very end what she is, especially relative to the older brother.]

As the lumin shares things about Earth's future with the older brother, she shares
mental images with him. As they progress, the older brother finds they are mentally communicating more and more with less verbal communication.

[At this point I have to say that anyone wanting to contribute to this story should research info on the speed of light. It has been stated by those who study light
that it can be everywhere in the universe at the same time, that it can speed up and slow down, that is slows down when passing through water or a glass pane, etc.

Now we have to consider ......this is important to the story......that in the future as mankind progresses, it will be discovered that "thought" and "love", as forms of refined life energy, are similar to light but can move faster than the speed of light!

This is the important point of the story.

The Lumin will share these thoughts with the older brother.

1. She has traveled back from the future to see the vegetation, trees, etc, and the animals and birds of our time. Many of them have disappeared in her time.

2. She will reveal that world unity has been achieved.....promoted the most by the younger generations of the middle east. She explains that the countries are united for
peace not unlike the states of the United States finally becoming united.

3. She will show the older brother all the ways that have been developed for energy
conservation, and how the mind set of BIG companies controling energy and food has changed to a honey comb of smaller local groups all around the world.
This gives strength to all. If one section goes down it does not affect all the other areas. All homes and businesses are energy self-sufficient producing their own
energy to fill their needs. This in turn means lower over head for everyone and a better more stable lifestyle.

4. She also reveals to the older brother that the knowledge of thought and love energy has been harnessed in a variety of ways that maintains better health for all
and enables travel outside of "time" and "space'.

When the lumin says to the older brother that she must return to her time before the rescue team arrives, he asks her if he will ever see her again. She hugs him lovingly and says "YES! You are my great-grandfather and you are present when I am born."

[man at 25 fathers a child. When that child is 25 they have a child. When that child is 25 they have a child, about a 50 year period which takes us into the year
2060 from now. ]

The Lumin fades out and is gone by the time the older brother is aware that people are coming down the steep slope of the forest toward him.

He is surprised to find that not much time has passed since his younger brother went for help. He begins to wonder if he was dreaming or hallucinating. The thing
that is a hint that is wrong is that his ankle is perfectly fine.

At the end of the film, before credits roll, there is a statement of how the older brother and his younger sibling both go on to help develope practical energy for the future with self-sufficient homes, and also work around the world for peace and a unified
planet Earth.

FTTSOL= faster than the speed of light.
Anybody who can come up with a better title as this storyline developes, go for it!

FTTSOL (until a better title)

Created: Feb 22, 2010


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