Hello, Sky

By EvaliaEngland

I haven't RECorded anything in a while. University is taking over my life. Way to go, Nursing major. But it should all be worth it in the end.

So, I was outside in my backyard earlier today. I was waiting for my dog to, ahem, finish his doggy business. I looked up from the spot where I was standing and saw the chance for a perfect photo. The sky, it was all about the sky.

I think it was on this day that I realized my love for that garage and shed, stuck behind our house. I especially love the side of the garage with the vines growing around it, the paint chipping, and that dangerous ladder (which I hope no one ever has to use ever again) leaning against it.

So this is my RECord for the moment. I'm back to studying in a few. Oh Microbiology, why?!

Hello, Sky

Created: Feb 19, 2010


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