Daughter, you are loved

By KarizzMarie

"Daughter, you are loved"

This is for all the times we worked through our anger and tears,
For all the times I was distressed and you were patient.
This is for every time you were there when I needed you.
For all the times when you understood me, and for all the support that you have always given me.
For all the times you have done for me that in time have added up to be so great.
Most of all this is to show you just how special I believe you are, to thank you for all the times I forget to tell you these things.
This is to remind you that I will always love you.
Love, Mom"

This was a card I received from my mom on my 22nd birthday this past 4th of February.
This is my definition of love, when a mother sits down and writes out a letter, thanking their child for being alive.

Daughter, you are loved

Created: Feb 19, 2010

Tags: love, loving, mother, mom, father, dad, parent, parents, family, tears, crying, patience, stress, understanding, support, special, belief, reminder, daughter, child

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