The Man Spun Peace at Her

By joe90

So I wrote a random poem and thought it would be cool to have each line be a short story (incredibly short) with the intention of eventually making video for each story. Here's the first line:

Chapter I
The man spun peace at her.

The man on the corner smiled at Her as She walked past him towards school. She smiled back.

The next day the man was not on the corner. In class, someone started talking about the man. They were saying he had died. Then Her friend said that it was a ‘good job’ and that he deserved it. He spat the words out with such venom. She was shocked. She felt like crying.

That night when her mother tucked her in She told her what had happened and started crying. Why would anyone want the man to die? He was always so nice and smiled at all the children on the way to school. Her mother said that he had hurt some children and people were still mad at him for it.

She still felt sad for the man.

The Man Spun Peace at Her

Created: Feb 19, 2010


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