Heightened Senses

By sean_ramones

Hey everyone,

Just another "in progress" chunk of creativity that I scooped out of my think tank. I love music. I always have. I love music and I love the lyrics attached. I can make music to the best of my ability (which is very limited). I CAN'T WRITE LYRICS!!!
I'm actually wondering If anyone was willing to give me any ideas of lyrics as I am some what HOPELESS at writing them.

Influences ( if that helps) are: Postal service, Death cab for cutie, Dntel, Regina Spektor and Iron and wine.

I'm going for a story of possible future relationships that are ended because of one party's fear of rejection and automatic assumption and "knowledge" that they will be rejected. It's really hard to explain, but the point is I've been meaning to get this one down for a while now and have been struggling with lyrics.


oh and...

Any ideas please please please, don't hesitate :)

thanks >.<

Heightened Senses

Created: Feb 18, 2010


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