Idea for the Cheshire Cat

By DaxSchaffer

@Jules, I would love to try a mashup design or alteration of the character. My style can vary quite drastically if it has too, and I rather like trying to put my own flair into other people's work. It would be an honor to help and manage a creation of the Cheshire Cat.

Would you like that I try to work with iambatgirl's version? There are already some similarities, I could try something new.

Now that you mention how the cat's status as an independent allows him to have many faces, I think it would be cool to have the cat with "severe" expressions for each emotion. Almost like masks from Greek Drama, though most of the time he smiles (I'm thinking of Reboot's Hexadecimal in some sense ...

No wait, maybe a better idea. His mouth stays fairly constant in shape, always in smiles (duh). But if he (or she?) gets angry or something, only his eyes and gestures can explain it for him, or in what he says. His mouth should never move shape or basic position because of his many years of having put on face to appear so alluring. He can no longer change the expression, even if he wanted to. It would be almost more disturbing to see if the cat is distressed about something, and to see his face with a broad smile almost trying to unhinge itself as the eyes and body strongly indicate that something is wrong.

Looks insane whenever he's being genuine (fear, anger), and when he's faking his happiness and false feelings, he appears most sane (twisted?).

We never get to see strong insight into the actual emotional depth of the character, and I think it would be an interesting thing to keep in mind.

This is hard to describe, I know. I think I would like to take a hand at inventing up some drawings depicting exactly what I am talking about. Good idea, yay nay?

Oh God, I just thought of a name for a girl version: The Chesh-Her Cat... (someone hit me?)

Idea for the Cheshire Cat

Created: Feb 18, 2010


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