(she's an) open book

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It was rather
when I awoke. At first I

was almost unconscious

"What is that?" said I.

A girl of about thirteen was standing before me
with a peculiar expression;

She couldn't believe
[You don't know me. No one knows me.]
But she sighed deeply.


and I felt a deep

Echo of the woman.

[even amidst fierce flames
the golden lotus can be planted]

"She is dead," said one. "No, she is not," said another.
"life is very uncertain," said a fourth.

This body only appears to be a

kaleidoscope an
envelope of mystery a
bundle of paradoxes...

She looked startled when I stared up into her eyes;
Her blue eyes were shining as


drove through the rough hilly
Mountain View Road through a forest of pines,
she wondered

Is that your heart beating?

I undressed, and plunged
into energy and promise
sometimes so intense, so personal,

from which I emerged

my whole world in a glow
and tingling
with delicious sensation.

only Love

why or how this happened. From that
moment everything has been transformed


a symphony of


This is her reaction: Mmmm,

If every tip of every hair on me could speak,
I still couldn't say my gratitude.

(she's an) open book

Created: Feb 17, 2010

Tags: book, poem, awoke, yes, mystery, cut-ups, unconscious, gratitude, open

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