By Jaxiz Nightmare

This is a poem that I wrote long ago in high school:


So this is how I am going to die
Death is right in front of me
To accept civilization is like
Accepting the decay of life
Eventually technology will kill us
It will come during the night
And destroy our families
As technology advances
So does the many ways to die
As I stand here on these railroad tracks
I watch my world being destroyed
When I look around I wonder
Where is the blue sky?
Where is the green grass?
What has happened to man?
So that they learn to love
The traffic-choked streets,
The skies nested in smog
Choking with the acids of industry
What has caused us to live in a world,
Where kids become afraid to go to school
For fear of being shot
Where the news is the scariest thing to watch
When will we all learn?
That what we create
Is how we are going to die?
I don’t want to die like this
In a world where skyscrapers replace trees
Where railroads replace rivers
And where technology replaces the way of life
Why should I die because of someone else’s mistakes?
The world needs to take a long look at itself
Look at what humans have done
To your beauty
Humans are destroying the world
And will eventually destroy themselves
And I will not become a part of it


Created: Feb 17, 2010


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