Character Sketch- mushrs

By mushr

The mushrs are children forever. They do not know any other knowledge of existence besides the one prescribed by the Queen, and the life they have known inside of Wonderland. However, the mushrs are gifted with an acute sense of knowing. An insight to life that is not customary with the other sentient beings of Wonderland. They secretly suspect that there is another world outside of Wonderland. (Unbeknownst to them others suspect, too).

The (magical) presence of Alice/Alico, sorta confirms this suspicion, and make them think thoughts that they’ve never thought of before. This is the secret cause of their unhappiness, and confusion. If their worries could be translated into human thoughts. It would be this: What would be the consequences of waking up from a beautiful dream and never having the ability to come back? And what if this dream is not yours alone, and shared by others, does one waking up means that the others have too? What if you don’t want to wake up and just want to remain in a dream inside of Wonderland forever? What if?..

They are also concerned that these thoughts are contagious and will catch on to the other inhabitants of Wonderland, and make everybody else unhappy. This is why they have become obsessed with head chopping, which of course as everyone knows never really happen. But the mushrs don’t know any different, and have never really seen anybody’s head get chopped off before. But as light is day, and as the mad hatter is mad, announcing that somebody’s head will get chopped off for causing trouble, is an instinctual response to distress to these lovely mushrs. They do not know what they are saying. So please forgive them!

Furthermore, this peculiar condition of sadness is new to them. The mushrs very seldom speak. They keep their thoughts to themselves, even to each other. They are happy when they are kissed by yellow sunshine and hugged by misty rain. They have a soft spot for the Mr. mushrooms too, (but will never admit to this). They just about beam with delight when the other creatures in wonderland pay them a visit. They reside very closely to the Pickleblossoms, and absorb their emotions very easily. This, and the other events that have transpired very recently, which you will know about in a Rip Van Winkle’s wink, have caused the mushrs to make the unprecedented move of documenting their thoughts on a journal; hence, the mushr journal. A brave mushr who wishes to remain anonymous have gathered all of the mushrs’ thoughts, and is speaking on behalf of everyone.


Author’s note
: This is the weirdest piece of writing I’ve ever had to do. But I just watched Jules video record, and her encouragement for us to write our own character sketches, gave me the courage to attempt this piece of experimental writing. I hope this doesn’t come across as narcissistic, and self-absorbed. I based the characterization of the mushrs in part from JustMeg’s wonderful writing called Welcome to RECland, May I just say in BIG BOLD LETTERS THAT THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION! lol. hehehe.

This is an accompaniment piece to the mushr’s journal. Really, this doesn’t make much sense without that. The link to the journal should appear as a resource here once it gets posted.

P.S. Jules- I’m not quite sure if this story deviates to the one that is forming from everybody else’s contribution. But, I’d like to think of this as just another resource, and the mushrs interpretation of events!

Constructive/ destructive critism are both welcome you guys :)

Character Sketch- mushrs

Created: Feb 17, 2010


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