The Old/New Vinyl Tale

By alpal

When I was in high school, I discovered boxes upon boxes of vinyl records in my attic. Unfortunately my search failed to yield an actual record player. Still, I dragged those boxes down the ladder and into my bedroom, and they smelled like crap from all the years of neglect, but what the hell.

A few days later, I went to the local Salvation Army, and what do you know? I picked up an old record player for $6! I was so excited to listen to some records already!! I remember being particularly excited about finding The Who's Tommy and the Beatles White Album, but Tommy won out in the end (I mean, is there even any question?) and I put it on the turntable, and it spun... And nothing happened.

Cue some pretty massive disappointment, until my mom came home and was like "Oh, silly, you just need to tape a penny on top of the needle." I was completely bowled over by this seemingly useless advice... But then IT WORKED. It must have been something about the weight. I was so pleased, and listened to record after record on this scratchy old penny turntable for weeks.

Then one day, I came home to find my turntable was gone. I wanted to cry. I even think I did a little. But then my dad came home with a box, told me to open it, and inside was another turntable. A new one. I mean like made after the year 2000 new. My dad said, "I found it at Radio Shack, only cost $100, and it probably works a lot better than that old one you found."

I just stared at him for a few seconds, sort of hoping that this was a joke, and that my dad couldn't possibly be this clueless. Then, when it was clear that this was it, and that a good daughter would respond with gratitude, I thanked him. Profusely. But really, I just miss the old turntable. Since I didn't grow up with vinyl and taping pennies to needles and old scratchy records, I felt like the old turntable I had thrifted was a bit like a link to this really awesome past that I unfortunately had missed out on.

Still, at least it plays records. It gets the job done.

The Old/New Vinyl Tale

Created: Sep 21, 2011


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