Triple M Trot: REmixed

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I REmixed footage from the three different cameras that captured Lula and Nathan's dancing after the Sundance screening. Joe's unique "Ausfliegan Entweichen" was an Audio RECord I'd been sitting on for months, just waiting to use. And REmixing this dance seemed like the time to break out the track and see what I could come up with to recap a very charming dance that encapsulated all of the hard work by everyone at the REC Room.

Just want to thank the three cinematographers of this moment. Having so much footage to cut back and forth from really demonstrates how cool the RECording process is when multiple people RECord the same thing and then upload what they saw, and how they saw it.

Hopefully re-presenting this dance expresses all the fun we all can share together as we interpret the art of one another.


Created: Feb 16, 2010

Tags: celebration, mmm, score, nathan, sundance, lexy, clapping, screening, trot, remix, lula, music, dancing, audience, morgan m morgansen, floor, dance, triple M, joe, rec room, jennyfer

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