After-Shock and Awe. (Blue Line Love #3)

By CrookedSmile

I am unconscious and I can still tell you are beautiful. You shake the floor underneath my feet in a 3 part harmony, you rouse me to stand at attention and your a subtle wake on a less than suitable day. First its coffee, than its a shirt, warm up the car, and then go digging in the trenches of everyday life. But you have breathed new life into one that needs CPR, even if this resuscitation only lasts for a moment... You were the reason for that early morning earth quake, but you brought the sun along as a friend, and you did shine so much like a match in the center of the universe, like a star underground, like a candle buried alive, like a camera flash to a blind man, you existed if only for a moment in my mind, your picture captured on my eye lids as we get swallowed down the subway, deeper into the heart of the city. With eyes closed now, so warm and beautiful you look. I am asleep again. I am in a dream again. Here, I can see you again.

After-Shock and Awe. (Blue Line Love #3)

Created: Feb 16, 2010


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