I'm on a train - A Second Reading

By deeasherself

I've had this idea of doing a second reading for some time now, but I hadn't done it because I didn't have a recording device. I bought a new mobile phone last week and in celebration of being able to record again, I did a bunch of voice-overs. I'd done this one, but decided to wait until today to release it. Because today is my second anniversary as a hitRECorder, and it's a way to say thank you all for everything that's happened in all that time. 

Granted, it's not as emotional as the original one, but if you think about it you'll see how much changes in two years, including my voice. So I guess it's like an evolution. 

I've been trying to come up with something clever to say about how thankful I am that this video is still being played at the latest shows, but I can't. I remember Joe had reblogged a quote (in his tumblr) about not being able to describe or word a particular feeling because it's such a huge thing, and I think it's that. It may be worse because I am fluent in two languages and neither have enough words -or the right one, for that matter- for me to say how happy it makes me to know that people are still watching it. It's strange, yes, but it's more than that. It also makes me think Joe's insane. Then again, to have come up with such a thing like hitRECord and to have brought it thus far, he has to be. It's the only way to see the sense of it. 

I love you all, I thank you all, and I hope I can meet you all one day. 

You are beautiful. 


I'm on a train - A Second Reading

Created: Sep 16, 2011


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