By HelloLindsayyyyyy

It's Never Too Late To Change Your Slate.

For a Christian man, you’d think he’d understand
That woman came from the rib, and not the feet
Raising his hand above his head, bringing it down, hard, against your face
Hurt. Humiliated. Disgraced.
Black eyes glasses can’t hide, and excuses that don’t slide
Disrespecting, reflectin’
Now you gotta daughter just like him
And the light of respect inside herself is running quite dim

Degrading, parading with his head held high
I’ve been waiting for it to fall since I was 9,
Back when I didn’t understand,
That not every boy, will grow up to be a man.

And every time he brought you near the end of your life,
I never understood why you stayed being his wife.

But 12 years as of late,
You got the courage to change your slate
Red hot mad, his face filled with hate
He beat you bad, in to a horrible state.

He went after your child,
Crazy eyed and wild.
She called the cops, horrified
Terrified. Petrified.
He threw her in to a mirror,
I hope he can’t dream, but at night, can only hear her.

But you carried on, you were ready for a divorce fight
No matter how beaten, your face stayed bright.
And finally, he was “the bitch,”
Treated like scum, a human glitch.

His head finally fell
His eyes began to swell
He further indeed proved his need for greed,
His straight up and cold demeanor began to crumble and fall
He popped a few too many, washed them down with some alcohol

And the only I regret that I have in all of this read,
Is that I can not end this, because he did not succeed.

All I can say is twice, third time’s the charm.
Better luck next time, I hope you all the harm.


I am admittedly not a poet! Lol. I wrote this today in bitterness.
I wanted to share this with the world, which generally, would be on my facebook. Haha. But since this is true and current events with a close family, I do not want this to be read by any of them as I will feel bad.

And if the end makes me a bad person, I do not care.


Created: Feb 15, 2010


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