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Carry On (Malicore's "The D Drop" w/ vox)

By rayperez

Malicore's "The D Drop" with some added vocals. Needs to be remixed or maybe have some singers re-do the vocals?  I think we can make this into something. lyrics:

everybody's talkin'

maybe we'll just play along

'cause there ain't no definition.

who can say what's right or wrong?

yeah, 'cause no one really knows

how the story really goes

so we just carry on.

lookin for the answers

you been travellin' far and wide

yeah, but everything you seekin

you can find it deep inside 

yeah, 'cause no one really knows

how the story really goes

so we just carry on.

science, religion

it's all superstition

all of the facts are just based on fiction

a whole lot of theories

but nothing's been proven

why waste my time grovellin'?

i'd rather be groovin'

movin my body, the beat of my heart

music and poetry, collaborative art

brings us together like nothing else can

i wish i could show you so you'd understand

just like breathin'

i know that you can feel it

don't just read it 

sing it like you mean it.


Carry On (Malicore's

Created: Sep 09, 2011


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