My Violin Cries

By liquidc2

Asperger’s is often misunderstood when it comes to passion and empathy. It is a common belief that individuals with
Asperger’s lack empathy and the ability to experience human emotion on the broad spectrum which society believes is inherent in the human race. I believe this is a misconception and that individuals with Asperger’s express their passion in unconventional ways.

My Violin Cries is a short documentary about my journey through mournful emotions after the loss of my violin teacher and mentor Stefanie Graef Carr. In this film I show how my special interest in music was not only the language I shared with Ms. Stefanie, but in the end the way I cried for her.

This was made on no budget by a first time autistic filmmaker.

My Violin Cries

Created: Feb 15, 2010

Tags: sad, my, cry, cries, autism, violin, aspergers

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