Critique Etiquette for hitRECord World Peace :)


Yikes, this is a bazillion posts long and I'm too A.D.D. to read through, but I do see the latest is about constructive criticism vs. degrading criticism of sorts...

and I only have one thing to offer as a solution...

Most of you have probably taken a fine arts course at some point in your life, some of you, like myself, probably spent a majority of your scholastic careers in a Fine Arts sector...

That said, the FIRST thing you are taught, or at least in my experience, in Fine Arts courses in which critic's are a daily and necessary practice, is critique etiquette, super simple and super effective...

Critiques are a MUST, they must happen for us all to improve, so just try to remember this simple critique etiquette...

Each NEGATIVE is followed by a POSITIVE. You offer your critique but always remember to finish it off with one aspect that you like/appreciate etc from the original work your critiquing. It's good form to end on a positive note in any area of your life, and critiques are the same certainly :)

I know this is kind of like "umm, duh!" to most people, but I thought I'd just offer it up as I've been a part of a million critiques and it's always been an effective practice for me. Of course you can't rip someone and then say "But I love your shoes..." but you get the picture :)

No sugar coating necessary but thats not to say we can't all still be upbeat and positive in our exchanges, whether it be praise or constrictive criticism :)

Critique Etiquette for hitRECord World Peace :)

Created: Feb 15, 2010


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